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Welcome to Seal APK’s official website! Our all-in-one Android video downloader tool enables easy downloads from thousands of websites. Download the app now from our site.


Seal APK is a Media Downloader Android Tool Developed by JunlFood24 Developer. It allows us to download Videos and Audio files from almost any website, including YT, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit.

The App has a basic UI that allows us to choose the format, quality, and resolution for downloads. The system supports videos and audio files from 480p to 2160p, ranging from 64Kbps to 320Kbps. Seal App is now a very popular Application among the youth.

Nowadays, Video on Demand (VOD) has become increasingly popular. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are among the most widely used platforms for video streaming. While you can watch and interact with videos by liking or commenting on them, downloading or saving these videos is not possible.

If you’re having trouble downloading your favourite videos, Seal GitHub APK might just be the solution you need. This app not only lets you download videos but also offers the option to convert them to audio or images. With Seal GitHub APK, you can easily download and enjoy your favourite media content hassle-free.

App NameSeal App
File Size31.9MB

Why is Seal App the Best?

There are many similar Apps like VidMate, Snaptube, and Online Tools, But Seal APK is the Best among them. Countless things indicate that the Seal App is perfect for everyone.

One of the Main reasons is that there are no Advertisements. It gives you a seamless experience while downloading your favourite content. Also, the user interface is very user-friendly. Altogether, you can say This is a perfect Snaptube Killer.

Besides, it is an Open source Application, giving you more Advanced customization Options than any other application in the Market. You will get frequent Updates every month with New Features.

No annoying ads

Seal lets you download videos and audio from YTDLP-compliant platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It also allows you to personalize the downloaded files.

Copy & paste the download link for the content you want to download. The download will, after that, be configurable via a drop-down menu. In addition to preserving the clip as audio or video, you may add subtitles, preserve thumbnails, and even download videos in a playlist at once.

In addition to picking the format and quality of the audio or video, you can create templates. Other sophisticated options can be adjusted in the App’s settings section.

As a result, a great tool with a simple, straightforward, and clean UI has been created. Furthermore, this App is free and has no advertisements, which is unusual for this type.

How to Download Seal APK Latest Version?

A developer created an App called Seal that allows us to download content from social media while following the rules. You cannot find this App on Google Play or any other app store. Beginners can get it from the Official Github Page or download it from the official website(

Steps to download:

  • Search for
  • Open the site and click the download button.
  • Click on the Download page.
  • You can see three various downloadable files. We recommend that you seal apk video downloader apk the first file.
  • After downloading, open the Seal App and click on the install button.
  • Suppose it is successful, then good. If not, then go back to the download page. Download another version of the file and try to install it.

How to use the Seal APP?

  • Click paste to get the video link from your clipboard
  • Then click download after adjusting its settings
  • Check and manage in-app downloads, including videos and audio files.
  • Please set the battery usage of this App to unrestricted in the system settings to download in the background.
  • Look at the download settings and ensure you have the latest version of yt-dlp before using it.

Pros and cons

  • Interface that is simple to use
  • You can add subtitles to downloaded videos.
  • Use the template to run the custom yt-dlp command.
  • You can download the videos With a single click.
  • Not all videos are available for download.


The Seal Apk is very valuable, and it is helping us a lot. We have been using it for four months, and it is the best downloader tool for Android users. Unfortunately, it is not available for iPhone or iPad right now. However, the developer might make it available in the future.

You can use the Seal App on your Windows PC or Macbook Laptop using an Android Emulator. Overall, the App is safe and secure.


Can I trust the safety of Seal Video Downloader?

Seal is safe. It’s open source, and no one found any harmful code.

What is the seal app?

Video/Audio Downloader for Android, based on yt-dlp, designed with Material You.

Does Seal App have Ads?


Can I download music using the Seal App?


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